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2021-12-08 08:19:13 By : Mr. Alvin Lian

It's on the road... The bell of the sleigh rang, and the sound of carols or Slade came from the air. Like it, like it, or try to avoid it; Christmas is coming to you. Whether it’s stocking stuffing for your loved one, or something for the mysterious Santa at work, we will line up for you after a break, combining strange creativity and purpose to make the perfect Weird but useful gift.

Popsocket has designed some interesting and innovative PopThirst handles for your cups or cans. The cup holder fits most standard cup sizes and can be folded flat when not in use. The PopThirst can rack is specially designed for cans and comes in 2 sizes: standard 12 ounce cans or PopThirst Tall for most 16 ounces or larger cans.

PopThirst is available on The retail price of PopThirst Cup Sleeve or Can Holders (two sizes) is both $13.00. They have a variety of designs, including festivals, Star Wars, American football teams, and so on. Buy here:

StickyWallet by Lifestyle Designs is a convenient three-in-one device that encourages you to live a lifestyle without a wallet! The wallet is attached to the back of the phone case; it has a two-pocket system: the back pocket can hold your cards (up to 6), and a separate, hidden pocket on the front can hold your cash (up to 10 bills). The wallet also has an elastic finger strap to increase security or make it easier to hold your device. Finally, the device has a built-in metal plate that allows you to use it on any magnetic stand in the car. The metal can also act as a RIFD blocker.

StickyWallet is available on Amazon and retails for $14.99. Buy here: Amazon

You know you need them! The LED flashlight glove provided by Parigo is a device you never knew or knew what you wanted-until now. These are an ideal, a bit quirky sock filler that is both fun and useful. Fingerless LED flashlight gloves provide light to help you work in the dark or run at night, freeing your hands from trying to hold the flashlight.

Parigo's LED flashlight gloves are available on Amazon and come in gray, blue and black. Their retail price is $14.99. Buy here: Amazon

The genuine Fred Banana phone holder is a banana and phone holder. Put it under the tree and enjoy a good time. This is an ideal novel gift for banana lovers in your life. It can work horizontally or vertically; reviews indicate that it works better horizontally on larger phones.

The genuine Fred Banana phone holder can be purchased on Amazon for $14.05. Buy here: Amazon

Fire Stick 4K is a streaming media device that works with Alexa Voice Remote. This means you can search and manipulate content by voice. You can use the remote control to control and access all Alexa-enabled devices and applications, such as smart home devices, such as lighting, real-time cameras, playing music, etc. Stream simple, intuitive and fast on hundreds of channels including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Paramount+. It can be used to watch live and free TV and subscription-based services. Access millions of songs through services such as Amazon Music and Spotify

The Fire TV Stick 4K is available on Amazon for $24.99. Buy here: Amazon

Luke, I am your Saber. SaberChops Light up Chopsticks are the festive and interesting tableware you need. Small and light, you can take them to any meal in any distant galaxy, and impress your date with the glowing chopsticks. This is a novel item that uses LEDs to light up your chopsticks.

SaberChops Light Up Chopsticks can be purchased on Amazon, and the retail price of two pairs is $12.95. Buy here: Amazon

The Tozo W1 wireless charger is an attractive device. It is made of aviation aluminum with a metal chassis and mirror front panel. The charger is only 5mm thick!

The Tozo W1 wireless charger is available in 12 colors on Amazon, including the illustrated space gray, and is priced at $12.99. Buy here: Amazon

There are always people who don’t know what to buy! RAK Multi-Tool 2Pc Pen Set can solve this problem. The innovative pen set is multifunctional and has 8 functions. It is made of durable military-grade aluminum, comes with a battery, and 2 ink refills for pen functions. It is equipped with a premium gift box for easy gift giving.

The RAK Multi-Tool 2Pc Pen Set can be purchased on Amazon with a retail price of $19.99. Buy here: Amazon

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