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2021-12-15 00:01:31 By : Mr. Rex Wang

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other fans.

I told Tata from the beginning to confuse my altroz ​​IRA connection credentials with another customer's credentials. Kaveri Tata did a good job in upgrading it, and this problem was resolved yesterday.

Since IRA is touted as the only difference of the Tata Punch variant (and may also apply to future cars), I think I can provide a detailed user experience of IRA.

Cars equipped with IRA have this black box (pun intended) under the front passenger seat. I think it is a kind of TCM, which usually only appears in AT/AMT cars. The dealer wants this serial number to activate the IRA. Maybe it is connected with ECU (remote control/fixing).

Let's dive into IRA features:

IRA allows the use of smartphones to implement the following 6 remote functions anytime and anywhere:

You can set a boundary on the map, outside the boundary, if the car is driving, you will receive an alert. The boundary can be set by the radius (in kilometers), can be set by a preset value, or a custom value can be set. The range can be as low as 1 km and as high as 100 km.

Valet parking mode: This is also a geofence, when you want to make sure that the car is not too far from the parking lot.

Valet fence range: 500 meters to 4 kilometers.

IRA conducts a diagnosis to let us know the status of the following items-EPS, braking system, power train, airbags, and remaining kilometers for the next maintenance. Interestingly, it ignores Tata’s 7500 km interval and only displays the oil change interval as the next service expiration.

You can track the location of the car, and you can also use the navigation function through "Set Itinerary".

I am interested in "travel history". The car will record your every action, even if you drive a car as small as 1 km, it will also record its statistics.

After you click it, it will show planned trips (the trips you navigate through the "Set Trip") and unplanned trips.

You can even click to view the data of each trip:

It shows a lot of information:

Driving analysis is interesting and actually very popular. It studies your throttle and brake inputs and gear shifts. It gives a score of 10 points.

For someone like me who has more than 20 years of driving experience and more than 600,000 kilometers of driving experience and has not had an accident, my self-esteem did not like the idea of ​​apps to evaluate my driving behavior at first. I should admit, I like it.

It really prevented me from pedaling the metal today. There is also a small flaw. The score will not be reduced when the speed limit is exceeded. Or it may be that if this happens only for a short period of time, I guess it will not affect the score.

Starting from the IRA tracking my day and 115 kilometers, my score is 9.1/10.

It also includes some DPF blockage damage operations:

Also pay attention to the time range:

You can set a time limit and a speed limit. If the car exceeds the speed limit within a certain period of time, the IRA will alert you. That being said, even if the speed of the car exceeds 120 kilometers per hour, you will receive an alert even if no time limit has been set. This is a great feature if you let the driver use your car.

Both the trip data logger and time limit ensure that you know how your driver drives your car.

You can also add emergency contacts and they will be alerted in the event of an accident.

There is also an emergency SOS alert:

This function is what Tata calls the "tribe". It is like a forum for owners, where you can get these things:

You can contact other owners, etc. I am least interested in tribal things, but like the concept of leaderboards, haha:

They select leaders based on distance, driving score, and fuel efficiency. To be honest, if the IRA became active since the beginning of this month, I would rank first in distance. My Altroz ​​has run 2,800 kilometers.

The best part of IRA is security. The app will alert you when the car is hacked, and if the car is stolen, you can also find the location of the car.

You can also fix the car through the app, just in case the car is stolen.

In my opinion, I find safety features, navigation and travel records very useful. If you have a driver, driving behavior analysis will be very useful. When Maruti can proudly promote the "track my car" feature in TV commercials, I think Tata's marketing of IRA is not enough.

For an additional Rs 45,000, the XZ+ variant can get the cool features of IRA Connected CarTech, 10-inch TFT dashboard, premium leatherette seats, frameless wipers, automatic driver window lifting, rear fog lights, and XZ variant .

If you want to buy Altroz, please buy XZ+ on XZ or even XT. The extra money is worth it.

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