Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank Evaluation: Charging, Folding and Powering Mobile Phones Anytime, Anywhere-PC World China

2021-12-15 00:10:06 By : Ms. Jane Deng

A unique portable power bank and wireless charging method.

Jason Cipriani (PC World (AOL)) November 23, 2021 22:30

I have reviewed some battery packs from Otterbox and have had a good experience with them so far. I also reviewed some battery packs with built-in wireless charging pads and had a good experience again. But I have never used a battery pack with wireless charging settings like the Otterbox folding wireless power bank.

At first glance, it looks like a typical battery pack. There are two ports on the front of the black case-one is USB-A, the other is USB-C-and a power button with a capacity indicator LED on the side. But the top of the battery pack is where things get strange. In a good way.

By looking at the packaging, you can clearly see that there is a wireless charging pad, thanks to the textured surface and the recognizable charging area, outlined in gold in the middle. But instead of laying your phone flat on the battery pack, you lift the top to create a wireless charging dock, and it comes with a small wall shelf on which you can put your phone.

The hinge of the stand is sturdy, allowing you to adjust the angle of the stand, ensuring that you can watch videos, calls and even games while the phone is charging.

I tested the wireless charging function of the Otterbox folding wireless power bank with iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 5. Otterbox promotes wireless charging up to 10W. To test it, I drained both phones until they were powered off due to a drained battery, and then put them on the charger for an hour. I will turn on and unlock the two devices after about four minutes of charging time, and then after an hour I will check their respective charging levels.

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the average power of the battery pack after one hour is 42%. For Pixel 5, the average battery power is 28%. I believe that the reason for the slower charging of Pixel 5 is that the phone is not that high, and the charging pad is not aligned correctly when the backpack is used in an upright stand.

As far as wired charging is concerned, the Otterbox folding wireless power bank can provide up to 18W of charging through any port. You can charge the battery pack with up to 15W of power via USB-C. Using the AVHzY USB power meter connected to the computer, I measured the time it takes to charge the battery pack at the maximum charging speed and the amount of electricity the battery pack discharges from its total capacity of 10,000mAh or 37Wh.

It takes 2 hours and 43 minutes to charge the battery pack with 15W of power. I verified that it supports pass-through power supply. In other words, you can charge the battery pack, and you can also charge your phone via a wired or wireless connection.

In terms of efficiency, the performance of mobile power is not as good as I hoped. In the potential 37Wh capacity, the battery pack stops output power after 27.7191Wh. This is an efficiency score of 74.92%, which ranks third from the bottom of all battery packs I have tested. The average score of all test packages is 83.34%.

When you connect the device to any USB port, the battery pack will automatically start charging. You don't have to open it. However, opening the wireless charging pad is tricky. At the end of the test, I found that I had to press the power button once, and then wait a few seconds for the wireless charger to turn on and start powering the device.

Using the same AVHzY USB power meter to monitor the USB-A port can successfully trigger Apple 2.4A, DCP 1.5A, Samsung 9V, Huawei 9V, QC 3.0, QC 2.0 charging standards. Connect the USB-C port to trigger DCP 1.5A, Samsung 9V, Huawei 9V, QC 3.0, QC 2.0 charging standards. as expected.

I think the Otterbox folding wireless power bank is meaningful for those who want a unique battery pack to provide wireless charging. In other words, for an inefficient 10,000mAh battery pack, the price of $60 is high, so be aware that you paid a high price for the Otterbox name and wireless charging dock. More affordable and powerful options are available.

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