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2021-12-08 08:16:50 By : Mr. Eric Pan

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Do you have a mobile phone that supports wireless charging? Or are you looking for the best phone from Samsung or Google that supports wireless charging? Black Friday may be over, but phone deals will definitely not end, so make sure to triple check anywhere to get the best price.

If you already have a device that supports wireless charging, you will need a car wireless charger and possibly a cradle. iOttie manufactures the best car chargers and installs them there, wirelessly and other ways. iOttie offers a wide range of products. We provide a large number of the best car chargers and brackets for Black Friday, and the brand is still in stock.

Our most recommended is the iOttie Auto Sense Qi wireless charging car mount. It is a car holder with a powerful suction cup on the bottom, so you can place it on the dashboard or windshield. It will automatically charge your phone wirelessly while you are driving, and provide a clear screen line of sight for hands-free access. The base and arm fixed on the mobile phone are very firm, rotatable and can be deployed at a certain angle.

Install this iOttie wireless charging stand wherever you like in the car. When you put your phone in the cradle, it will detect your phone and automatically charge it wirelessly during the journey. The phone holder ensures that your phone is safe and reliable by holding it tightly. You will get 10W wireless charging speed.

If you are satisfied with the slightly older model, we also have some wireless charging options from iOttie. The other three options are all on sale, which is a bit cheaper than the 10W option listed above. However, none of them can achieve the same charging speed.

In addition to wireless charging, there are also a large number of in-vehicle transactions. You can put them on the dashboard or glue them in the air-conditioning vents. The location is up to you; just make sure to choose the correct product based on the placement.

Connect iOttie Easy One Touch 2 to the vent or CD slot of the vehicle. It has sturdy clips instead of suction cups for easy placement. It has an auto-sensing function that can wirelessly charge your phone when you put it in the cradle, and charge your Android device with 10W of power.

If you are not satisfied with the type of vents, please use iOttie Easy One Touch 2 dashboard bracket instead. With the same 10W wireless charging speed, it has a reliable suction cup.

This is suitable for fashionable mobile phones with slim protective cases. iOttie iTap 2 doubles as a wireless charger and a magnetic phone holder. There are no paws to hold your device, so you'd better use it for a lightweight mobile phone. It will detect your phone and start squeezing juice when touched.

Easy One Touch 5 is by far one of the most popular models in the iOttie product line. This high-end car holder is locked on a flat surface by suction. Ideal for moving vehicles, you can also prepare one for your desk. It has a rotating arm and a firm grip.

Minimalists will love this magnetic phone holder. This iteration of iOttie iTap 2 is suitable for AC vents and grills. Your phone is fixed by magnetic force, so it is not the safest stand. Nevertheless, it has a small footprint, looks good, and costs less.

Okay, so we have seen the dashboard mount, magnetic bracket and vent clip. This product stands out from the crowd because it is designed to fit your car's cup holder. In addition to the suction cup, you can also get all the convenient functions of other iOttie Easy One Touch 5. Once the phone is placed in the holder, the buckle will automatically close around your phone.

If the iOttie iTap 2 with vent clip does not give you much confidence, please use it instead. The instrument panel mount version of iOttie iTap 2 magnetic bracket locks itself on the car dashboard or any horizontal surface with a powerful suction cup. This means that your phone will not shake, thereby reducing the chance of falling.

We may earn commissions by using our links. learn more.