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2021-12-08 08:19:45 By : Ms. Tracey Du

If you do not stay vigilant and careful when driving, Indian roads may prove to be dangerous, but even if all safety measures are taken, bad luck is sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, in order to ensure that you have evidence to support your claim, you should get a front and rear driving recorder, which can record everything while you are driving. We have listed some of the best car driving recorders, so you won't end up with a low-quality product that fails to achieve its purpose.

Procus Iris is a compact, economical and easy to install driving recorder. It can come in handy when dealing with undisciplined drivers and crooks who try to rob you by forging accidents or misfortunes. It has a wide-angle lens that can cover angles up to 120 degrees, so you can easily capture all the details around the car. It also has a gravity sensor that can detect vehicle collisions and instantly lock the instant video file to ensure that it will not be deleted or deleted by mistake. The built-in parking monitor works even when the car is parked to detect any damage or theft while you are away. In addition, if any type of motion is detected in standby mode, the motion detection function will cause the dash cam to start recording and automatically save the video. Its unique loop recording function allows the driving recorder to overwrite old videos (locked videos will not be deleted) to ensure that the SD card will not run out of memory at critical moments.

If you want some extra features, then the Procus Convoy driving recorder can prove to be an upgrade. It is an ideal choice for drivers who value the safety of themselves and their cars. This driving recorder is very easy to install, and has an all-metal body, which is durable and can deal with slight impacts and bumps. The gravity sensor can recognize crashes and hiccups, and automatically record and lock files to avoid misplacement or deletion of files. Its wide-angle lens has a range of up to 120 degrees and can record high-quality video (1080p) even in low-light conditions, so you won't miss any important details. It also has other useful features, such as parking mode and motion detection, which provide maximum safety even when unattended. The innovative loop recording function ensures that unimportant videos are automatically covered. Finally, full HD resolution, H.264 photography compression, smooth image processing and excellent night vision make it one of the best front and rear driving recorders on the market, which can easily record clear visual effects.

DDPAI Mini provides 1080P full HD driving recorder with the latest 2MP CMOS image sensor. Even in extreme weather conditions (it can work at temperatures between -25°C and 85°C), its HiSilicon processor and image sensor can record clear videos, so you can easily and accurately capture faces And license plate. Its 140° large aperture lens and HiSilicon processor ensure a larger coverage area around the vehicle, providing clear night vision even in low light conditions. This mini front and rear driving recorder also has a built-in gravity sensor, which can automatically detect sudden collisions or emergencies and lock the lens to prevent overwriting the video. You can use the parking mode of the dash cam to put your car under 24-hour delayed monitoring (1 frame per second) to avoid storage problems, so that you can record any suspicious activity in your absence. Loop recording ensures longer recording time, and the built-in wifi facility allows you to connect the camera to a smartphone, tablet or PC so you can easily view and move the video.

The high-resolution 1944P front and 1080P rear cameras (with six lenses) of the 70mai Pro Plus car driving recorder allow you to record video in dual channel mode. In addition, the 5MP Sony sensor and 140-degree wide-angle can be adjusted and provide greater exposure, so you can get clear and detailed photos even at night or under low light conditions. This model only supports event-based parking monitoring. This means that as long as there is an impact, the dash cam will record a 1-minute segment and then turn off. The driving recorder also has a built-in GPS and a stable GPS connection, which makes driving safer by issuing warnings such as lane departure warnings. You don't need to turn on the driving recorder every time you start driving, because it will automatically start recording. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can help you while driving to avoid accidents and accidents. You can even view the recording on the 2-inch IPS screen installed in the dash cam, or use the mobile apps available on the Play Store and Apple Store to stream real-time video, replay or download material.

If you want a driving recorder that can provide enhanced monitoring functions at a reasonable price, please check this from SUZEC. Due to its powerful functions and high-efficiency features, this is one of the best driving recorders currently available. The driving recorder is equipped with three cameras that can record and synchronize data at the same time, so you can get front and back views and videos of the car interior. You can view everything on the 4-inch LCD screen in 1080p full HD and 12 mp resolution. Its front camera has a wide-angle lens that covers 170 degrees, while the rear camera has a 150-degree wide-angle lens. The built-in light sensor automatically detects natural light and adjusts the brightness accordingly. The combination of large aperture and WDR technology can provide a clear and detailed picture regardless of external light, and the gravity sensor helps the dash cam to record and save real-time records in case of emergencies or accidents.

DDPAI MOLA N3 car driving recorder provides 1600P HD resolution, HiSilicon processor and 5MP CMOS image sensor for capturing clear video. The image sensor improves night vision and helps collect accurate evidence in the event of an accident. This car driving recorder has built-in GPS, which can accurately record your driving position and speed. You can view your route on Google Maps via Wi-Fi, and its wide-angle lens can capture a wide angle of view of up to 140 degrees, making it easy to capture faces and license plates. The built-in parking monitor works even when the car is parked to avoid any damage or theft, because you can view live recordings or recorded footage even if you are away. In addition, loop recording ensures that you will not miss any recordings, even if the drive runs out of space by overwriting the old drive. When a vehicle is involved in a collision or accident, the gravity sensor can easily save the video, which is a major investment in protecting the car.

This is another driving recorder that can help you drive on Indian roads without worry. The Campark DC02 car driving recorder acts as a personal CCTV camera for your car, so you can also provide convenient evidence to the police or insurance company in the event of an emergency or collision. It has a 1080p front camera and a 720p rear camera, which can record the environment around the car. The emergency lock helps prevent colliding shots and prevents them from being deleted by the system when the memory is overwritten to record a new video. You can use it to monitor your car while parking, and even accept its help when reversing, because the waterproof rear camera can help you view the auxiliary line, so you won't collide with any objects in the end. Advanced wide dynamic range (WDR) technology and wide viewing angle ensure proper coverage and lightning, so the video is very clear and sharp.

Blueskysea’s mini driving recorder is a compact and efficient device that can help you record and view your surroundings while driving without losing focus. This is a portable driving recorder suitable for cars, which can be installed behind the rearview mirror without being too prominent. It has a unique rotatable body that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and has dual super capacitors, which can work normally even under extreme temperature and weather conditions. This concealed car driving recorder can record 1080p video with its ultra-wide 150° lens and low-light sensor, so you can get high-quality and clear videos in all lighting conditions. Features such as 24-hour parking monitoring, six-piece all-glass lens, gravity sensor and loop recording make it an ideal choice for monitoring and recording. You can view the video on its LCD screen, or you can use the built-in WiFi to view, download or replay the video on your phone. You can also use the dedicated app on your Android smartphone or iPhone to change the settings.

YI Smart Car Driving Recorder allows you to travel with high quality and resolution and relive your favorite road trips. It can even help you record evidence in the event of an accident to help you resolve claims or other issues. This driving recorder weighs less than 50 grams and does not take up much space, so you can easily install it in the car without any trouble. The driving recorder has a number of advanced and practical functions, such as the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which uses optimized algorithms to warn you away from threats by providing real-time lane departure and other important information. Accurate night vision, emergency recording function (thanks to the gravity sensor) and high-speed video recording function enable this camera to record all key details before and during the collision at any time of the day. The 165° ultra-wide angle covers a wider angle, easily recording the appearance or number of nearby vehicles and reducing blind spots. You can use the 2.7-inch TFT LCD to view the lens or use the YI Dash Cam app to view the same video on your phone for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Nextbase 522GW is a feature-rich driving recorder that can use its 1440p/30 fps and 1080p/60fps HD cameras to record your road trips with excellent quality. The 140° wide viewing angle covers a wider range, and the 3-inch high-definition IPS touch screen can view the traffic flow in real time when reversing. You can connect it to your mobile phone and easily synchronize files via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.2, or share with others in an emergency. You can also use the MyNextbase Connect app available on the Apple Store and Play Store to edit materials. It has basic functions such as GPS module, gravity sensor, SOS emergency response, so you can easily track, monitor and record the impact before, during and after the accident, the surrounding environment and other details, and tell your family through the following methods Send an alert to that location with a friend. It has built-in Alexa, so you can use simple voice commands to start, stop, pause, and resume recording. You can even use it to control music, listen to the news, audiobooks, or control other smart devices in your home, or just ask for directions to your destination in hands-free mode.

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