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2021-12-08 08:16:34 By : Ms. Hao Baby

If you spend a lot of time in your car, a good dash cam is a good investment, especially if you are looking for the best dash cam deal. The driving recorder can continuously record what happens in front of you while you are driving. Some models also record what is happening behind you or even inside the car. The driving recorder may be a godsend in the event of an accident and can provide evidence for you and your insurance company in the event of an accident.

Which driving recorder you choose depends on your needs. Every dash cam will obviously give you a frontal view of the situation ahead-the cheapest product is only this view. More expensive cameras can provide you with a view inside the car, or you can place a secondary camera on the rear windshield to see what's behind the car.

Although only the front-view camera is cheaper, we recommend that you also provide an internal or rear-view camera. Remember, accidents don’t always happen in front of you—sometimes you will be hit from behind. Ride-sharing drivers should choose a camera that provides an internal view, because in the event of an accident, you also need evidence of the situation in the car.

We also recommend using a camera with night vision capabilities both inside and outside. At night, cheaper dash cams cannot provide the details needed to make the lens useful. Again, for carpool drivers, night vision in the car is better-many of us drive at night, so it is beneficial to be able to clearly see what is happening in the car in the dark.

In terms of resolution, look for a camera with a resolution of at least 1080p. You also need to check some sample shots first (many dash cam comments on YouTube include this content). Some cameras perform better than others. Although 4K dash cams are now available, in most cases you may be able to adapt to 1080p without losing too much image clarity.

Can not. As far as we know, no insurance company offers any discounts for installing dash cams in cars. However, in the long run, installing a driving recorder can keep your rates low. In many accident insurance claims, what happened will soon become a "he said, she said" situation. If there is no video evidence, you may find yourself partially responsible for accidents that may not be your fault at all. The dash cam video can help you reduce the rate because you will have a video of the accident.

Most mid-range and high-end dash cams have night vision capabilities-even some cheaper cameras. We should note that not all night vision is the same. We have seen considerable differences in the quality of night vision lenses between dash cams-even at similar prices. Spend some time reviewing sample night vision lenses before buying, so you can get the most benefit.

Some will, some will not-although the vast majority will. Remember, the recorded sound will come from inside your car and not from outside. Therefore, anything that happens outside the car that you might want to hear will not be as audible as what happens inside the car. However, if you are a carpool driver, we certainly recommend that you buy a driving recorder.

Although some driving recorders can be charged and operated without always being plugged into the power source, we recommend that you continuously plug the driving recorder into the power source. In the event of an accident, the last thing you want to see is the battery of the driving recorder is exhausted.

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