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2021-12-08 08:16:56 By : Ms. Carol Gao

Apple is known for being late to parties, so it will only add support for wireless charging if the Android device has been in use for several years.

Fortunately, the technology giant did not develop its own method, but used the most widely used wireless charging standard-Qi.

You might be wondering what all this means? Qi wireless charging is a globally recognized wireless charging standard. Because it is very popular, many manufacturers have introduced wireless chargers for iPhones.

There have been reports that Apple plans to equip its iPhone with portless devices in the future, so it is safe to say that wireless technology is the future.

That's why, today, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone wireless chargers you should check.

Before looking at the best wireless chargers for iPhone in 2021, let us first understand what a wireless charger is and how it works. Don't worry; I will keep it simple and won't make you regret skipping physics in school.

There is a wireless charging coil inside the iPhone, which can realize wireless charging. Similarly, there is a coil in the wireless charger. When you put your iPhone on the wireless charger and align the coils, the circuit will close and then wireless charging will begin.

Apple has limited the iPhone’s wireless charging speed to 7.5W, so you don’t have to spend more on such fast charging accessories.

Newer iPhone models such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series also support MagSafe. As far as MagSafe is concerned, both the wireless charger and iPhone are equipped with magnets, which establish a strong connection by fully aligning the coils to achieve faster wireless charging speeds.

Of course, Apple has its own Magsafe charger, but you can buy many third-party magnetic chargers (Magsafe chargers). We will introduce them in this article.

Anker is one of the oldest and most experienced brands in manufacturing chargers. Powerwave Pad is the company's wireless charging pad. This Qi-certified charging mat can charge the iPhone with a maximum power of 7.5W (up to 20W for wired charging) and supports all iPhones that can be charged wirelessly.

In addition, you can also use a wireless charger to charge your Airpods Pro. Unfortunately, the pad is powered by a micro USB cable instead of a USB-C cable, but this should not be a deal breaker for most people. Although there is a fairly thick case on my iPhone 13 mini, it quickly charged me 7.5 watts in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Anker Powerwave Pad is officially on sale, offering three color options: black. White and navy blue. Please note that the AC adapter is not included, if you don’t have one, you may need to purchase it separately.

Buy Anker Powerwave Pad on Amazon.com | Amazon.com

Are you looking for a cool and beautiful wireless charger? If so, you should check out this iPhone charging pad from Yootech.

Unlike the Anker Powerwave Pad with a micro USB port, this one has a USB Type-C port. The charger can charge iPhone with 7.5W of power and Android device with 10W of power. In addition, Yootech claims that smart protection technology can provide your smartphone with better temperature control, surge protection and short circuit protection.

The charger has different color combinations. You can choose simple options by selecting black options or a combination of black and blue. If you are looking for a charger, a combination of red and black is also available.

Buy Yootech Wireless Charger on Amazon.com | Amazon.com

The next wireless charging pad on the list is the Tozo W3 mini, which is an exciting product. The charger seems very simple and straightforward, which will attract many users.

In addition, it also has LED indicators to help you understand all aspects of the charger. For example, a green light indicates that the charger is available, and a blue light indicates that the device is charging. Like the other chargers in the list, this charger can charge up to 7.5W iPhones and up to 10W Android devices.

The wireless charger is officially available in six different colors, and users can save another $4 by using coupons provided on Amazon.

Spigen is one of the most popular brands when it comes to making accessories for our smartphones. The brand is known for the quality of its products and the variety of products it provides to customers.

Therefore, if we do not mention Spigen, an article on wireless chargers will be incomplete. The world of Spigen starts with the included cable. Both ends are Type-C, while most manufacturers have Type-A at one end of the cable.

This means that you can easily plug the Type-C end into an Apple adapter, which is not included by Apple (Spigen does not include a charger).

The brand advertises the charger as a fast 15W wireless charger, but this only applies to Android devices because the iPhone can only charge up to 7.5W. In addition, at a price of $25, you will definitely pay a little more than your peers.

Imagine putting your iPhone on a wireless charger with 1% power at night, and waking up in the morning to find that the iPhone is completely dead. How can this be? This happens to many users because the device is not properly aligned with the coil, and charging has never started.

Belkin True Freedom Pro aims to solve this wireless charging problem once and for all. The brand claims that the wireless charger consists of multiple coils and can charge all surfaces. Technically, this means that you can place your iPhone anywhere on the charging pad and it will start charging regardless of its orientation.

However, you cannot place more than two devices on the mat at the same time. If you happen to put a third device (such as Apple Watch or AirPods Pro) on the mat, it will not charge to prevent the smartphone and the mat from overheating.

Are you looking for a wireless charger for your desk? Sure, but do you find it time-consuming and annoying to remove the device from the wireless keyboard every time you just want to view notifications? If so, the wireless charging dock is your right choice.

If you are looking for a charger that can charge iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch at the same time, then look no further, because Mueleug 3-in-1 can do this and is compact.

The user can put the iPhone in the front of the stand, the Airpods behind the stand, and the Apple Watch directly above the Airpods. The charger uses 7.5W to charge the iPhone and 5W to charge other accessories. It also supports boxes with a thickness of less than 2 mm.

But do you know the best part? A wall adapter is included, so you don’t need to purchase it separately.

Buy Muleug 3-in-1 Wireless Charger on Amazon.com | Amazon.com

If you are not looking for a 3-in-1 charging solution, but just want a wireless charging station and want to know "Are there any good options out there?" Good. NANAMI's wireless charger (unique name) is a wireless charging station that will not tear a hole in your pocket.

Like all other non-magnetic wireless chargers, this iPhone wireless charger has a maximum power limit of 7.5W and has built-in overvoltage and overheat protection. In addition, this charger can wirelessly charge an iPhone with a case thickness of 3 mm-which is already very good.

It also has a dual-coil setup, one at the bottom and the other at the top, which means you can also charge the device in landscape mode, even if it is a vertical wireless charger.

As we mentioned before, Apple introduced Magsafe in iPhone 12, bringing magnetic charging to the iPhone. Considering that it is Apple and there is a large network of Apple certified manufacturers, they bring magnetic wireless chargers to the iPhone.

Apple introduced MagSafe support for the iPhone from the iPhone 12 series last year. At the same time, the technology giant also released a fast, magnetically connectable wireless charger-MagSafe charger.

The biggest trick here is to support 15W fast wireless charging, while the maximum power of wireless chargers compatible with non-MagSafe is 7.5W. Nevertheless, some people think that it is still not completely wireless because the cable runs behind the iPhone, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Overall, the Apple MagSafe charger seems to be powerful and worth a try.

Buy Apple Magsafe on Amazon.com | Amazon.com

Magsafe and magnets in the new iPhone ushered in a new era of wireless accessories. Of course, car mounts have been popular for a long time, but what if I told you that with ESR HaloLock, you can connect your iPhone to the mount wirelessly and charge it wirelessly while driving? Sounds great, right?

However, if you use a MagSafe compatible protective case to magnetically attach your iPhone to the car holder, it will help. In addition, only iPhone 12 and 13 series are supported, and the power is limited to a maximum of 7.5W.

Buy ESR HaloLock on Amazon.com | Amazon.com

As mentioned earlier, Anker produces a full range of iPhone accessories, and Anker 622 is the company's wireless MagSafe bracket.

Put the stand on the desktop, plug the USB Type-C to Type-C cable into the AC power outlet, and you can start using it, because it is a MagSafe compatible wireless charger; all you have to do is place your iPhone , It will be perfectly aligned using magnets.

But wait, it's not just a normal MagSafe charger; it's also a power bank. Yes, you're not mistaken! Anker 622 is equipped with a 5000mAH battery, which will be very useful when you need it.

The charger is available in four colors-fog blue, dolomite white, interstellar gray and lilac purple-also Amazon's choice, with an average rating of 4 stars.

One of the reasons Apple's wireless charging pad has attracted so much attention is that it can seamlessly charge Apple Watch, Airpods Pro and iPhone on a single pad. However, we all saw that it was not well received due to overheating issues and was eventually cancelled.

But thanks to third-party accessory manufacturers like Belkin, we can still get this seamless experience. Belkin 3-in-1 seems to be an excellent product offered by the company. It may also be the only wireless charger that can quickly charge the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Thanks to MagSafe support, it can charge MagSafe compatible mobile phones (such as iPhone 12 and 13) with 15W of power, while the standard wireless charger has a power of 7.5W. Equally impressive is the two-year warranty and dedicated LED indicator for the Airpods charging indicator. It is the ideal Magsafe accessory for your bedside table.

Buy Belkin three-in-one wireless charger.

You can judge whether your iPhone supports wireless charging by checking whether the back is made of glass. In order to support wireless charging through aluminum and other metals, Apple switched to glass from the iPhone 8 series.

Wireless chargers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It is important to research the wireless charger that best suits your needs to make the most of your purchase.

Wireless charging is a process of transmitting electrical energy through electromagnetic induction. It is safe to use with compatible iPhones (iPhone 8 and later), but you need to make sure that they have passed Apple certification or Qi certification. Every wireless charger we listed above can be safely used with iPhone.

As we all know, the wireless charger will heat the device it is charging, but Apple limits the maximum charging speed to 7.5W, so this is not a real problem for the iPhone.

Ah! How we hope! But no, iPhone cannot charge other devices other than Apple. To be clear, the iPhone does not have reverse wireless charging like some Android smartphones on the market.

A number of studies have shown that wireless charging can damage mobile phone batteries. But the premise is that the manufacturer does not control the battery temperature when charging. Considering that it is Apple, you don't have to worry because the battery temperature is always within the recommended range.

Want to know if it’s not good to wirelessly charge your iPhone overnight? Well, several researchers have confirmed that it is very safe to wirelessly charge an iPhone (or any other smartphone) overnight.

The coil used in the wireless charger generates an electromagnetic field that transfers current to the coil of the receiver. However, in terms of battery charging, it works in exactly the same way as a wired charger. When your phone no longer consumes current, the wireless charger will stop supplying current.

In our test, we found that Belkin Boost Pro 3 in 1 is the best wireless charger for iPhone including iPhone 13 series. It is the perfect replacement for the announced but never released Apple AirPower. In addition to iPhone 13, you can also charge Apple Watch and AirPods Pro at the same time.

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